Random Work allows you and your team to work from beautiful bars and restaurants in your city. We want to help you work better through our community, events and dedicated workspaces throughout your city.

Our community has access to underutilized spaces as workspace. As a member, you get to work from some of your cities most beautiful bars, restaurants, and caf├ęs when they are close to the general public. You can also attend and host events within our community.

Want a free day of RNDMWRK?

What is RNDMWRK?

(RNDMWRK) is a community of like-minded peopel who work from interesting places in their city. We started RNDMWRK because we were tired of working from home, loud coffee shops, or places where we felt awkward if we didn’t buy something. We wanted to build a community that supported each other, so we are starting with some of our favourite things offered by companies, incubators, and private clubs we’ve been a part of along with flexible workspace with multiple locations in Toronto’s downtown core.

Why restaurants/bars?

The restaurants and bars we choose to partner are inspiring spaces that we wish we could access during the day. Rather than working from a regular restaurant/coffee shop/club, RNDMWRK locations are dedicated workspaces from 9-5. Everyone else will be working, using upgraded wifi, and drinking complimentary coffee, espresso, tea, and water.