RNDMWRK is a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, remote teams and freelancers that work from beautiful bars and restaurants in Toronto. We want to help you work better through our community, events and affordable workspaces around the city.

You can partner with RNDMWRK in two ways depending on the specifics of your business…

  1. Become a Dedicated Space

    RNDMWRK’s dedicated spaces are establishments that we use during their off hours. We staff them through our community and offer our own amenities to guests. This is perfect for the type of establishment that doesn’t have any daytime traffic and wants to expose new people to their space while developing a secondary income stream.

  2. Become a Preferred Partner

    RNDMWRK’s preferred partners are spaces that we’ve met with who fit certain criteria for being a suitable daytime workspace. We let our members know where you are, what to expect, and whether or not there is space to set up. Preferred partners offer a discount on drinks with low marginal costs and get additional foot traffic who¬†will eat, meet, and work in your space.

Apply to Become a Restaurant Partner